The Power of Acidic and Sour Foods

Sour Food at Payson Sugar is not only the dental villain that can compromise the condition of your pearly whites. Acidic and sour foods are also known to tarnish your teeth and erode your enamel. The truth is, they can be as bad as sugary food choices, mainly because they can diminish tooth size and make you more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities.

Highly acidic food choices include sodas, energy, and sports drinks, yogurt, tomatoes, as well as fermented foods. These are known to contain a lot of acids that can weaken your enamel and melt your tooth. Ultra-sour and ultra-sugary candies are worst for your pearly whites, as they have very low pH, which is almost close to battery acid.

Acidic Foods and Your Mouth

If you eat or drink too a lot of sour foods and beverages, the acid can build up, defeating your saliva’s shielding power. Canyon Dental Clinic explains that any reputable dentist in Payson – or anywhere else – advises against letting sour foods linger in your mouth. It will not just promote plaque build-up and tooth decay, but also result in enamel erosion.

Signs of Enamel Deterioration

Common signs of enamel erosion include yellowing of your pearly whites, sensitivity to hot and cold beverages, and little indentations on the surface of the teeth. When enamel erosion happens, the dentin or its underneath layer will become more visible. Cavities are also more likely to happen, affecting the nerve fibers in your tooth, leading to infection and abscesses.

Consume Them the Right Way

Now, if you love to eat sour and acidic foods, it is best to consume them during mealtime. It is possible to reduce the effects of an acid attack by consuming them with other foods. When it comes to carbonated beverages, drink them with a straw to avoid direct contact with the teeth.

It is also a good idea to rinse your mouth with water after consuming such foods. Water can wash and acid the sugar in your mouth and prevent bacterial growth. You may also want to a chew sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva flow and lower the amount of acid in your mouth.