Prevent Accidents: Promoting Farm Tractor Safety

tractor safety

tractor safetyFarm tractors are among the major causes of work-related accidents in farms across the country. According to Purdue University, side overturns or tractor upsets play a role in most tractor-related deaths and are responsible for injuries and property damage. Falls are another source of injury and common victims include tractor operators and passengers who are usually children.
Read on to know more about promoting tractor safety:

Preventative Maintenance

Safe tractor operation starts with pre-operational checks before actual use. Be sure to check the tire condition and its level of inflation, and the fuel and hydraulic fluid levels as well. Don’t forget to inspect the brakes, steering wheel, and air cleaner. Read the operator’s manual and follow the precautions and preventative maintenance recommended.

Proper Training

Make sure that all workers using the tractor received proper training. Workers should be familiar with the operating features of the machine to develop the confidence to use it in challenging conditions. Berry Machinery Management Services suggests asking an experienced operator to help you study the labels and features of the equipment.

For Intended Purposes Only

Farm tractors have different purposes, but improper use can lead to accidents. Keep in mind that they are designed to transport units and remote power sources. Avoid using them for recreation, towing, or herding cattle.

Safe Operating Speed

Maintain a safe speed to avoid the chance of a side upset. Make sure to slow down when making turns and watch out for obstructions. Watch where you are heading, especially if there are obstacles like trees or limbs. Always adjust to speed conditions.

No Extra Passengers

Tractors are designed to carry only the operator. Avoid using it to transport another rider. An unforeseen turn or bum may toss the extra rider off the tractor. Extra riders can also cause some problems, as they can interfere with the operation of controls.

Win the war against tractor accidents with these tips. Know your equipment and always consult the owner’s manual for safe operation. It is also important to plan and remain flexible with farming operations to reduce fatigue and stress.