Three Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques

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Oil fields currently operational and those under development use a variety of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques. Common processes include thermal, chemical, miscible processes, as well as other hybrid methods. By using EOR, oil companies can access previously unattainable reserves. For more information about EOR techniques, engineering and procurement companies…

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Parents’ Checklist for Finding a Day Care Centre

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When you’re away at work, you have to find a good child care provider for your kids. There is the need to ensure that they are in good hands. One of your many options is to send your child to a day care centre where they can play and study…

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Challenging a Red-Light Camera Ticket

red light camera ticket

Tickets from red light cameras are difficult to refute. There are some potential ways, however, to fight such tickets. Here’s how you may fight your red light camera ticket and avoid paying a costly fine. Examine the Ticket After being snapped by a red light camera, you will likely receive…

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