Men’s Hair: Trendy Cuts for the Modern Man

Men Haisrtyle

Men HaisrtyleMen’s hairstyles have changed over the years. From the traditional cuts to modern styles sported by male celebrities, you might find a drastic change on how men would like to wear their locks. The recent obsession with The Undercut, however, proves that it could be definitive standard for men’s style.

Porters Barbers explores why.

The Undercut

Simply put, the Undercut features short sides and a long top. What makes it a resilient hairstyle that may last for years to come is its individuality. Anyone can pull off this hairstyle as long as it is cut in the way that would flatter the face. It is not a one size fits all kind of style as you can bend it to match your head. Not everyone has the same hair patterns but you can mould the style to fit your locks.

There are so many variations of the style that you can always change it up subtly but bring in a fresh new look every time. You can do a full shave on the sides for an edgier look or keep a nice fade for a good transition for facial hair. This hairstyle can stand alone but can bring an interesting look when paired with the beard.

The Beard

Recent trends in fashion have encouraged men to keep growing a full beard. Now, you can style it any way you want and keep it at a length you are comfortable with. Some men may have problems growing a full beard. They can choose to keep stubbles as they still work well with the haircut. For those who can, it is important to keep it groomed so it looks clean.

Ask for the Undercut when you visit barbers in London. They would know what to do with your hair and how you can achieve the look.