Make Space: Road-Worthy Solutions to Maximize Your Travel Trailer Space

travel trailer

travel trailerAs the weather is getting warmer, many families are preparing for their summer journeys. Having a travel trailer means getting out and exploring the country. It’s like your home on the road when going to concerts, during camping trips, or going on a long haul road trip.

For many, however, the joy of exploring open land outweighs the challenges posed by the vehicle’s space constraints. It’s easy to quickly load up your trailer with food, gadgets, medical supplies, and outdoor gear and head out on the road without thinking about tight space.

Before you rent a travel trailer, industry experts, such as and, recommend determining what to pack first. Here’s how to maximize the space:

Use the wall

Hung hooks and pocket organizers on walls. Adhesive hooks will not harm the walls and are strong enough to hold kitchen utensils, towels, and flashlight. To make the most of travel trailers, it’s paramount that you outfit it properly before you hit the road.

Choose multi-functional furniture

Many travel trailers, like Airstream, have multi-functional furniture: fold-down tables, slide-out trays, and wall-mounted audio or TV systems. If they are not available, you can just bring your own space-saving furniture. Whatever pieces you add, be sure to watch your weight. Always survey the contents of the travel trailer to know what you have packed.

Organize storage spaces

When it comes to traveling on a trailer, it’s important to think of any space as storage. Under the bed, over the bed, above the kitchen nook, or under the seats. Use those areas to store any must-haves. Don’t forget to separate items into containers according to function. Choose items that are foldable, compact, and lightweight to use the vehicle’s space efficiently. You need to pack carefully, balancing the load with weight and space limitations.

Traveling in trailers always presents the problem of what to leave behind. With a limited space, being efficient, clean, and organized is key. Take note of these road-worthy tips on using a small space wisely.