How to Enjoy a Happy Life with Dentures

New Medical DenturesDentures are a very common method of replacing missing teeth. Travel back in time, and your dentures could be made from all manner of materials – ivory, animal teeth, wood, even soft stone in Japan. Modern dentures are, thankfully, made from more realistic materials in terms of both action and appearance. Acrylic, porcelain, and metal are commonly used to create realistic false teeth.

Despite the fact today’s dentures are much more natural in terms of appearance and action than their ancestors, the majority of people who wear them nevertheless experience problems with their fit, as they become increasingly loose. This happens because when the root parts of natural teeth are missing for any significant amount of time, the jaw bone starts to resorb or shrink, thus altering the fit of your dentures.

Badly-fitting dentures can cause a large number of problems, including denture sore mouth and denture stomatitis, issues with being able to eat a healthy diet, problems with speech and with confidence. This can make your life miserable, and can stop you socialising with friends and family if it becomes very difficult or even painful to eat, or if you are scared of your teeth falling out in public.

All Smiles Dental Care in Kent offers an effective solution to these issues by using dental implants. Implants are artificial tooth roots made from titanium, which can be used to stabilise your dentures and keep them firmly in place at all times.

Titanium is very compatible with human bodies, and actively supports bone growth. By stopping resorbtion of the jaw bone, not only are your teeth kept secure and functional, but also you won’t experience the premature signs of ageing such as sagging skin and drooping jowls that happens when the bone shrinks.

Dental implants require minor oral surgery, which is usually performed in the dentist’s chair. Either local anaesthesia or conscious sedation can be used for implant placement, depending on a patient’s preference.

Osseointegration – the process by which your implants bond with your jaw bone – takes a few months to complete, so temporary teeth are often fitted during this time. Alternatively, you may be able to keep wearing your old dentures during healing, after they’ve been adjusted.