Effective Suggestions That Can Make a Townhouse Look Spacious

Row of townhouses

When you hear the word “skinny”, you might initially think of fashion models. However, did you know that this same word can also be used to describe real estate properties such as townhouses? These are narrow rectangular residences that are built with three or more stories. If you’re thinking of acquiring a townhouse unit, here are some practical pointers that can make these skinny structures look and feel more spacious than they really are.

Eliminate Walls

When you place divisions in a narrow space, it will look even smaller than it actually is. Get rid any dividers or half-walls that are in compact places of the house such as the walk-in closet and laundry area. If you need a divider in your home, choose to use curtains instead.  Best that you ask your real estate seller or the construction and build firm that made your wrighthomes.com townhouse in Herriman for added expert guidance.

Take Advantage of Glass

You may find it difficult actually to open up space in the townhouse of your choice, but you can always make use of glass to make any compact area look more spacious. You can start by adding large, wall-sized mirrors in bathrooms or hallways, installing glass doors in your shower, lounge or patio. Large glass windows can also let in the light and make a townhome’s interior look larger and more spacious!

Create Height

This will require a bit of building since this entails placing wall shelves and cabinets along your ceiling’s line. You can also install raised platforms that double as storage space underneath your bed, your study area, etc. These also add aesthetic value to your home due to the unique designs and functions these platforms can give. Remember, the less clutter you have, the more spacious your townhouse will look.

And now that you know about these pointers, contact your realtor or construction company to discuss how you can make the most of a narrow townhouse. After all, who would be the best adviser other than the one who originally built the home you’re aiming to purchase?