Challenging a Red-Light Camera Ticket

red light camera ticket

Tickets from red light cameras are difficult to refute. There are some potential ways, however, to fight such tickets. Here’s how you may fight your red light camera ticket and avoid paying a costly fine.

red light camera ticket

Examine the Ticket

After being snapped by a red light camera, you will likely receive a ticket, which will contain some useful information. The ticket may include the place of the incident, the time and location of your arraignment, and a copy of a picture taken by the camera. Such information can be helpful for your trial.

Know the Applicable Law

State and local traffic laws vary. In general, prosecutors only need to prove that you were driving and you disobeyed a traffic signal. In some states like California, however, a person is allowed to disobey a traffic light because of an emergency or potential accident. Know if your state has specific rules like this.

Consult a Traffic Lawyer

Contact a traffic ticket attorney to get legal advice and guidance with the language and routines involved in traffic court proceeding. As they are highly experienced with traffic laws and court rules, such lawyers can help present a much more compelling case on your behalf.

Defend your red-light camera ticket by being prepared and obtaining the proper information. Consider hiring a traffic attorney to make your best case and avoid the expensive fines.