Living Green: Different Types of Salads and Dressings

Woman eating a salad

Eating salad has many benefits. Aside from keeping disease and aging at bay and being a good source of fiber, salads are also easy to make and customize to your own tastes. So, as you go into a restaurant where you build your own salad, you should learn about the different kinds…

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Shopping for Jewellery: What You Need to Know

Diamond in tweezers

Whether it is for you or a gift for someone, jewellery shopping is always a fun and exciting experience. What isn’t is the amount of consideration you have to put into it to ensure you’re buying authentic pieces. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with all that by yourself if…

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Getting the Right Men’s Cowboy Boots

Man wearing cowboy suit

Wearing cowboy boots can be hard to pull off, which is why most men stay away from them. That has not stopped some men from owning a pair though, even if they have never ridden a horse. If you are one of those guys who has been looking to buy a…

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Guide to Having Fun on a Karaoke Night

Friends singing on Karaoke

If you want to have a great time in Los Angeles but you are not feeling up to the regular boys or girls’ night out, then a karaoke night might be for you. Visiting a karaoke bar is one of the top things people do for a fun night out…

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Noise in hospitals have bad effects on staff and patients

Man putting noise protection on his ear

You may not know it, but too much noise or any unwanted sounds could cause health issues and other problems. Hospitals in Australia, for example, patients and staffs who are exposed to too much noise are likely to suffer. Our ears are too sensitive, and it doesn’t take rest even…

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