Device Connectivity: Why It’s a Double-edged Sword for Home Security

Couple surfing the net at home

Australians have found it easier to maintain home security with the availability of devices that can be connected to a smartphone, although some safety practices require a traditional approach. For instance, a broken garage door needs immediate attention before intruders can exploit this opening. If you live in Queensland, the…

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What to Consider When Planning to Purchase a New Home

Couple moving in to their new home

Purchasing a house can be a challenge, especially for young adults. Often, they do not have the information they need and are not aware of the different financial obligations that come with each package. Whenever one is planning to purchase a home package, there are several things that they should…

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A Basic Guide to Constructing a Retaining Wall

Interior Design

Building a retaining wall for your home can be a good investment. However, not everyone can construct this on their own. That is why most homeowners choose to hire a retaining wall contractor at Bay of Plenty to do the job for them. But if you are into DIYs, here are a few…

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Why Hire a NATE-Certified HVACR Technician?

NATE is the harshest critic of the HVACR industry in America. An acronym for North American Technician Excellence, this non-profit organization (the largest of its kind) aims to validate the skills installation and repair technicians claim. Unlike its counterparts, it tests the technical know-how of candidates through rigorous exams representing subjects…

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