Summer Safety: Keeping Kids Safe at the Pool

Apr 14

Summer Safety: Keeping Kids Safe at the Pool

Pool, ponds, lakes, and beaches all offer a great opportunity for family bonding and recreation, but they can also pose risks especially to kids, if you don’t take the proper precautions. According to statistics, nearly 1,000 kids die each year because of drowning—most cases occur in home swimming pools. It is the second leading cause of accidental death for people between the ages of 5-24.

fiber glass pool

Follow these safety precautions to ensure pool safety and have your kids make the most of the coming summer:

Keep an Eye on Your Kids All the Time

Kids need supervision whenever they’re around water—whether in a bathtub, fish pond, above ground or in ground fiberglass pools at home, or at the beach. Young children are especially vulnerable, as they can drown even in very shallow water. This means that sinks, fountains, inflatable pools, buckets of water, or small bodies of standing water around your home pose a risk of drowning to your little ones as well. Keep a close eye on them whenever they’re in or near water.

Learn How to Swim

If you’re not good at swimming, it’s time to learn. Check with your local recreation center or swimming school for classes taught by qualified instructors. Teach your kids how to swim at an early age, ideally at 4 years old, when they’re developmentally able to learn the skills to stay afloat.

Don’t assume that children who know how to swim aren’t at risk of drowning. You still need to supervise them at the pool regardless of their swimming skill levels.

Invest in Floatation Devices

Invest in Coast Guard-approved floatation devices and use them whenever your kids are near water. Make sure they fit properly, though. Check the size and weight recommendations on the label and have your children try them on to make sure they fit perfectly. Choose a vest with head support and a strap between the legs for kids younger than five years old. The head support will keep your child’s head up, out of the water.

Follow the proper safety guidelines to keep your kids safe in the water. Work with companies like Viking Pools for safety pool installation, and visit the website of the Pool Safety Council and Safe Kids Worldwide for more tips and advice.

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What Lurks in the Shadows: Five Health Problems You Should Not Ignore

Apr 06

What Lurks in the Shadows: Five Health Problems You Should Not Ignore

Doctors have spent years wondering why certain illnesses strike a patient and then pave the way for a seemingly unrelated condition. On certain occasions, this can even lead to a more serious ailment. Medical practitioners call these shadow diseases, and now that there are more studies about diseases that go in pairs, it is easier for everyone to avoid worst case scenarios.

look for private hospital

Here are five health problems you should not be ignoring. If you have any of these and suspect it might be something worse, go to your preferred private hospital in Kent and seek medical assistance.


Studies have shown a link between asthma and anxiety and depression. The difficulty in breathing can lead to depression or anxiety, not to mention the possible worsening that might aggravate the asthma.


Endometriosis can be an indicator of the onset of melanoma. A circa-2007, 12-year study in France shows that women who have endometriosis have a 62% higher chance of suffering from melanoma.

If you suspect that you have this, do not panic. Conduct a self-check of your moles and have a biopsy. Remember that melanoma is completely curable when diagnosed early.

High blood pressure

There have been thousands of cases of high blood pressure and diabetes appearing together, particularly in the case of obese patients. Regardless of a person’s BMI, studies have proven that hypertension easily doubles the risk of developing diabetes, and the risk percentage goes up significantly as your blood pressure increases over time, whether or not it stays lower than the hypertension threshold.

Early tests for diabetes can diagnose the condition. Patients with this illness are advised to change lifestyles – increase physical work, limit sodium intake, stop vices, change diets, and lose excess weight.


A heart attack might be waiting for those who regularly suffer from the pain of a migraine. Particularly those who develop visual or sensory phenomena alongside the headache, patients with this condition have a higher susceptibility for a stroke. Cases when the migraine attacks every week puts the patient at three times the normal risk of a heart attack.


Itchy patches can be a sign of a heart attack. The risk of stroke more than doubles when there is a serious case of psoriasis present.

Normally, patients do not mind these conditions. With the threat of shadow diseases, however, you cannot be so sure. Consult your doctor if you suspect your ailments are a sign of something else.


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3 Tips for First Time Coin Collectors

Mar 26

3 Tips for First Time Coin Collectors

Coin collecting is a fun and interesting pastime. It is the oldest hobby on record, dating back to the Roman period. Many collectors start young, while some discover the joy of the hobby later in life. Others continue the collection they inherited from their parents. Whatever your motivation, the field of coin collection is wide, offering inspiration for everyone.

gold coins

Here are some tips for first time coin collectors:

Always Check the Prevalence of a Coin

Ask for proper documentation to check the prevalence of a coin. Verify the coin’s condition, place of origin, specifications and mintage. Recent increase in the prices of precious metals has led to the production of some counterfeit coins resembling silver and gold coins, such as gold sovereign, gold Britannica and Krugerrand.

Buy from Reputable Dealers

The collectible coin industry is well established, but as in any field, there are rogue traders and deceitful operators. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable dealer, especially if you are buying from abroad, and consider the tax and extra cost implications of importing items of high value.

Store Your Coins Properly

Invest in high quality cases and holders to showcase your collection, but do not display those with high value like the British gold sovereign. Keep them in a safe or deposit box instead. Arrange the appropriate level of insurance cover in case of fire or water damage, or theft. Keep your collection in airtight storage to prevent oxidation.

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Three Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques

Mar 06

Three Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques

Oil fields currently operational and those under development use a variety of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques. Common processes include thermal, chemical, miscible processes, as well as other hybrid methods.

engineering companies

By using EOR, oil companies can access previously unattainable reserves. For more information about EOR techniques, engineering and procurement companies like Vista Projects, Fluor Corporation, or China Harbour Engineering Company may help you out.

Thermal Recovery

This method increases the temperature of areas in the reservoir to heat the crude oil during formation and lessen its viscosity. As this approach can severely damage the underground well structure, you need to invest in special equipment. For further technical information and expertise, you may consult an engineering company.

Polymer Flooding

This EOR method is one of the most common techniques to retrieve oil left behind after traditional recovery process. To increase the viscosity of fluid, high-molecular-weight polyacrylamide is necessary. This process also improves volumetric sweep efficiency, which further increases the oil recovery factor.

Gas Drive Oil

Gas injection, also known as miscible flooding, is a term for processes that introduce miscible gases into the reservoir. In miscible displacement process, it’s possible to improve oil displacement and maintain reservoir pressure at the same time. This is possible through a reduction of oil and water.

EOD is an intricate subject that requires expertise. When looking for an engineering company for your next oil and gas project, make sure to choose firms that are not simply consultants, but also committed partners.

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Parents’ Checklist for Finding a Day Care Centre

Feb 28

Parents’ Checklist for Finding a Day Care Centre

When you’re away at work, you have to find a good child care provider for your kids. There is the need to ensure that they are in good hands. One of your many options is to send your child to a day care centre where they can play and study with other kids under the supervision of adults. When finding the right day nursery for your child, follow this checklist.

diploma of early childhood education

The Staff

First of all, the centre should have qualified staff to look after your kids. It’s one thing that the Department of Education recommends the day care, but it’s also important for you to do your homework. A diploma of early childhood education & care from a trusted institution on the part of the centre’s staff is definitely an advantage.

The Facilities

The area should be conducive to studying and your kid should have a good time in there. Safe and educational toys, books for children, and comfortable space enough for the number of kids there – these are just a few of the things you should inspect.

Your Child

You know your child very well, and only you can tell if your kid would fit in the day care. Assess your situation before you enrol.

A day care centre is a good place for your kid while you’re away at work, although you do have to check these things before you decide on one.

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Challenging a Red-Light Camera Ticket

Jan 16

Challenging a Red-Light Camera Ticket

Tickets from red light cameras are difficult to refute. There are some potential ways, however, to fight such tickets. Here’s how you may fight your red light camera ticket and avoid paying a costly fine.

red light camera ticket

Examine the Ticket

After being snapped by a red light camera, you will likely receive a ticket, which will contain some useful information. The ticket may include the place of the incident, the time and location of your arraignment, and a copy of a picture taken by the camera. Such information can be helpful for your trial.

Know the Applicable Law

State and local traffic laws vary. In general, prosecutors only need to prove that you were driving and you disobeyed a traffic signal. In some states like California, however, a person is allowed to disobey a traffic light because of an emergency or potential accident. Know if your state has specific rules like this.

Consult a Traffic Lawyer

Contact a traffic ticket attorney to get legal advice and guidance with the language and routines involved in traffic court proceeding. As they are highly experienced with traffic laws and court rules, such lawyers can help present a much more compelling case on your behalf.

Defend your red-light camera ticket by being prepared and obtaining the proper information. Consider hiring a traffic attorney to make your best case and avoid the expensive fines.

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