Professional Drivers: Take 5 For Safety!

Oct 24

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professional driverTo ensure the safety of both human lives and precious commodities that commercial drivers transport, concerned authorities laid down a number of rules and regulations. Some of the laws were more specific and mandatory, but others were simple, universal guidelines that every worker should follow to avoid accidents. One such guideline is Take 5 For Safety, a guidebook from linking worker safety in construction, automotive, and mining.

The Take 5 For Safety process is a simple and yet, effective way to increase the safety awareness in people working in various fields. This applies to professional drivers as well, in whose hands lay the lives of their passengers, or the safety of the manufactured goods they may be transporting.

Apart from the Take 5 For Safety pointers, some guidelines for driver safety include:

Rules and Regulations

  • Adherence to certain formalised driving hours between states that ensure optimum efficiency of the driver.
  • Working time regulations that restrict the driving hours to such a period that does not fatigue the driver causing unnecessary road mishaps.
  • Having a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence licence in addition to having a driving licence that certifies that the driver is qualified for driving large vehicles for passenger or commercial purposes.

When professional drivers abide by these rules and regulations, it implies that he will not be overworked. This in turn contributes towards reducing the occurrence of road accidents and transportation delays.


In addition, the professional drivers receive certain responsibilities as a means of bettering road safety. These include:

  • Complying with the traffic rules of the region, failing which penalties are applicable.
  • Fitness for duty, which means that the driver can complete the task.
  • A safe driver, that is one who does not give in to road rage and one who obeys traffic rules.

Checking of Vehicles

Further, professional drivers must check their vehicles before they drive, to deem them road-worthy. One of the driver’s responsibilities is to report any faults in the vehicle to the fleet system personnel.

Professional drivers should follow these rules and regulations, so that every journey will be a safe and pleasant one. Sometimes these rules are mere good sense, and one that every driver needs to do even without a local statute.

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Planning a Holiday? Tailored Holidays for Perfect Experiences

Oct 22

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vacationWith the holiday season about to commence, people are busy planning their vacations to various parts of the world. To make things easier for them, travel and tour agencies have come up with pre-planned tour packages that let you get a glimpse of everything beautiful and important in a destination, all in an organised manner.

If you are planning a holiday with everything you want included, says Pettitts, then regardless of the advantages you have with a pre-planned tour package, you are still better off getting a bespoke holiday.

You are in control

With a holiday itinerary customised based on your needs, you are in total control of what happens during your vacation. On the other hand, with a pre-packaged tour, you will have to see what the tour provider shows you, whether it interests you or not. Being in control of your vacation is important; after all, this is when you want to do something for yourself, and not something that someone planned for you. Pick the things you fancy and make your holiday even more exciting and memorable.

Go at your own pace

Another benefit of getting a bespoke holiday package is that you can go at your own pace. With a planned holiday tour, you will have to abide by set schedules and linger at a sightseeing place only as long as the tour package allows. But with a tailor-made touring plan you can –

-choose what you want to visit
-take your time to see and absorb everything at the location for as long as you want
-eat where you want
-stay at the hotel if you do not feel like going out for the day
-select various activities during your vacation that cover the needs of everyone in your group—or just yourself.

Stick to your budget

Importantly, with a tailor made holiday plan, you can stick to your budget. On the other hand, with a pre-package holiday tour, you will have to pay the same as everyone else on the tour. With your own holiday plan you can choose –

-cheaper sightseeing sites
-cheaper dining places
-means of transportation

Planned tours are fine if you do not mind going with the entire package planned for you, but if you have specific plans of your own, going with a bespoke holiday package is the best option.

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4 Issues You Might Encounter with Your Old Gas Water Heater

Oct 21

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water heaterWater heaters have become an essential to modern living. Families today see to it that this facility is present in their homes. Heaters are not only useful during the winter months, but are also beneficial any time of the year.

Gas water heaters, however, wear out through regular use. This often results in various problems that may compromise daily use. This is why you should always be on the lookout for issues such as the following:

Not Enough Hot Water

When there is not enough hot water coming through, it might be because of a damaged dip tube. This component is responsible for bringing water to appropriate heating component. Perina Plumbing says that once this is damaged, water may not be heated at all. You should also check the thermostat if it is set too low to be sure.

Too Much Noise

Gas water heaters may generate noise at times, and these usually are not indicative of a problem. If you suspect, however, that something is not working right, check if there is enough ventilation. The sizzling sound might be a result of condensation dripping on the burner. Lime build-up might also cause steaming in the scale.

Pilot Light is Not Lighting Up

The pilot light is important to ignite the burner. To keep it from lighting up, inspect the thermocouple immediately. The thermocouple should always be secured to the thermostat assembly near the flame emitted by the pilot light. You might also want to check the other gas appliances if they are still working.

Leaking Tanks

Lastly, if you notice any leaks, see if it is coming from the pipes or the valves. Do not replace the water heater too soon, as the leaks might just be the result of condensation.

The secret to making the most of your gas water heater is through regular maintenance and proper use. You can enjoy all the benefits it provides as long as you know when to have it fixed or when to upgrade the parts.

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A Happy Life, a Healthy Life: Natural Mood Enhancing Supplements

Oct 20

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happyEmotional health lets you live a more fulfilling life. When you are emotionally healthy, you experience a sense of well-being, a zest for life. You can cope with stress and avoid depression and other such concerns. In other words, you’re happy.

Depression is a mood disorder that is widely prevalent across the globe. It not only affects your ability to be happy, but also your thoughts, feelings and actions. While therapy and anti-depressants are generally prescribed for people who experience this disorder, there are newer, healthier options for treatment available these days.

According to the website, mood enhancers and other natural supplements are an option. These products consist of natural ingredients, like vitamins, herbs and supplements, which are known to enhance a person’s mood.

Some of the most common herbs and vitamins used as mood enhancers include:

- St. John’s Wort – this yellow flower is believed to have many compounds that are beneficial to emotional and mental health. Its leaves and flowers are ingredients for products prescribed to battle sleep disorders, treat wounds, bug bites, etc. St. John’s Wort can be consumed as tablets, capsules, teas or liquid extract.
Valerian – made from dried roots, this is an herbal remedy usually taken as sleep aids or as anxiety relievers.
SAME (S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine) – this is derived from a particular amino acid, and is commonly believed to have mood enhancing properties.
Omega-3 fatty acids: found commonly in foods like flaxseed and oily fish, the Omega-3 fatty acids have many useful implications, apart from mood enhancement, like lesser cardiovascular disease risks.
B vitamins – B vitamins, like folate (found in nuts, meat, fruits and vegetables), have been found to have natural mood enhancing properties.

Other alternative treatment forms that have been found to have beneficial effects, including for countering depression, are acupuncture, aromatherapy, biofeedback, guided imagery, massage therapy, and yoga and meditation. When combined with dietary supplements containing natural substances found to enhance one’s mood, healthier and higher quality life becomes a possibility.

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The ICT Sector in South Africa—A Hotbed of Opportunities

Oct 17

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ICT IndustrySouth Africa might not be recognised as among the world’s most developed countries just yet, but it certainly is showing signs of getting there quite fast. One hallmark of a developed nation is its information and communication technology sector, which is both developing and sophisticated in South Africa at the moment. In fact, this industry is said to be a major contributor to the national GDP, which indicates just how important it is as a contributor to the country’s economy.

Technology Leadership

Internet Solutions says IT in South Africa is noted for its technology leadership. That is, the country is recognised throughout the world for its innovations and creations in the ICT industry and the resultant products that are exported the world over. South African technology leadership comes to the fore particularly in the electronics banking sector. The nation is also known for being a world leader in the manufacture of pre-payment, revenue management, set-top boxes and fraud prevention systems.

Low-Cost Hub

Another reputation South Africa has earned as of late is that of being a low-cost call centre hub, which has been exploited by many reputed global companies. Further, the developing environment of the nation provides an ideal setting for carrying out many testing and piloting operations for innovations in the IT and telecom sector. Since South Africa is best suited for both outsourcing and R&D works, it makes the country an even bigger hotbed for those seeking career opportunities in the ICT industry in the nation.

ICT Penetration

Further, the information and communication technology products and services have penetrated the South African market at a rapid pace in recent times. This has prompted many local, national and international companies to supply plenty of telecom networks to the nation that has resulted in its telecom network being the most established in the African continent. The only drawback is the high cost of bandwidth, which is also being looked into by the government as a means to bettering communication within the nation and with others on the world map.

In short, the information and communication technology sector in South Africa is undergoing a boom at present. Now is the time is right to strike the IT career rod in the growing financial capital of Africa.

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Making it Fit: Getting the Right Kitchen Fitters for Your Space

Oct 14

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Kitchen FittingAs the main part of the home for food preparations, kitchens are supposed to be clean and organised. But, it is not just for cooking. This is also a place for entertaining guests, storing less used house items and sharing meals with the entire family.

Today, kitchens have become an extension of both the dining and living rooms. So, you need to make sure that it is as aesthetically appealing as the rest of your home without compromising on the practicality. To do this, you would need to get the help of a kitchen fitter.

What is Kitchen Fitting?

Experts from Kitchen Matters define kitchen fitting as the process of strategically placing the different items in your kitchen to maximise the space without overlooking the aesthetics and functionality. In some cases, the kitchen fitting contractors might also be responsible for the plumbing.

How to Choose a Kitchen Fitter

You do not have to completely overhaul your entire kitchen just to make the space work for you. To help you make the right decisions, you need a reliable contractor. Getting the right person for the job will also help you save money.

1.   Focus

If you want quality work in your kitchen, go for someone who does kitchen fitting exclusively. Since the contractor you need is focused on one area alone, you can be sure that he has the necessary skill to deal with any kind of kitchen design as opposed to someone who also does pipe fitting.

2.   Client Feedback

When it comes to service providers, it’s a must to speak with former clients, or at least see how they handled their previous projects. Apart from giving you an overview of what your kitchen would look like, it would also help you see whether the kitchen fitter shares the same design ideas as you.

3.   Customer Service

Go for someone you are comfortable with. After all, you have to be involved in the project and collaborate with the contractor to specify what your preferences are. You need to take some time to sit down with the contractor to discuss your ideas. Also, he or she should also have all the needed certification and licenses to handle the task.

Fitting a kitchen can be a complicated project that is best left in the hands of professionals. To avoid pitfalls, come up with a solid plan with your chosen contractor. Hasty planning and making changes when the project is almost complete would only add up to your expenses.

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Adding Flare to Sights and Sounds

Oct 11

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audio musicVideos are essential recordings, whether for professional or personal reasons, of important events for future reference. This covers the range of uses from business to business presentations to personal documentation of intimate life events.

The problem with video, though, is that the finished product leaves much to be desired and end up becoming unwatchable pieces of work when they are not made with meticulous attention to detail. Always remember that videos should be as lively and engaging as possible. The perfect marriage of sight and sound should create a visual spectacle that you can use to get your message across.

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are a great way to add some flare and perfectly accentuate all sorts of videos ranging from intimate family videos to big scale corporate videos and everything in between. The post-production phase offers videographers a wide range of possibilities. Videos need not be confined within the limitations of the physical shoot. Through the use of background rendering, post-prod editing, and a vivid imagination, finished results can be as captivating as can be.

Video Sounds

In addition to the visual aspect, you also need to make an impact through the sounds you use to accompany the video. This need not be an expensive prospect since you can take advantage of royalty-free music. With this option, you need not pay fees just to be able to use appropriate stock music. Much like stock photos, stock music runs the gamut and you can find appropriate background music that can weave seamlessly into the videos you are making.

Stimulate your audience through both the visual and aural senses. With so many modern tools at your disposal today, there should be no reason why you cannot come up with the most razzmatazz video displays to engage and enthrall audiences.

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