Why Your Water Smells or Tastes Like Chlorine

Jul 02

Why Your Water Smells or Tastes Like Chlorine

Chlorine in Your Drinking WaterWhilst chlorine in your tap or drinking water is not harmful, some people are more sensitive to the taste and smell of this element. Chlorine is usually added to the drinking water as the last stage of treatment to kill harmful germs that may be present in the supply.

Water suppliers in the country use low chlorine levels to keep the water safe. Concentrations can vary greatly and may be higher if you live near a water treatment facility. Warm and Dry Plumbing Services shares some facts about chlorine and a few ways to minimise the smell or taste of this element in your water.

A Fact About Chlorine

Suppliers have been using chlorine to disinfect water for more than 100 years. This means that diseases such as dysentery and cholera, that were once common, are now rare. These diseases, however, still kill people in developing countries, where water supplies are not treated and disinfected.

Cooling the Water

It is a legal requirement to disinfect the water supply and suppliers use chlorine to do this. If you are sensitive to its taste or smell, you can minimise it by placing the water in a container in the fridge for a few hours before drinking it. It important not to keep the water for more than 24 hours, as it will totally remove the chlorine. This means that the water is no longer protected against bacterial growth.

Boiling the Water

If you can still smell and taste chlorine after storing the water in the fridge, boil the water for about five minutes. This will remove a significant amount of chlorine. When the water cools down, you can store it in the container in the fridge. A home treatment device like a water filter is also a good choice, as it can absorb chlorine and other substances that can affect the taste of the water.

Sometimes, a chlorinous or metallic taste in hot beverages may be due to plumbing materials or other appliances installed close to the taps. In this case, it best to hire a plumber to change the hoses or the valves.

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Understanding Remarketing and Its Importance

Jun 26

Understanding Remarketing and Its Importance

RemarketingWhen you fail to convince visitors to buy from your site, this doesn’t mean that you should give up. After all, most consumers today do their research online before spending on anything. There’s still a way to get them back with the help of remarketing.

Here’s a short guide to help you better understand this topic:

What is Remarketing?

Truelogic.com.ph, an SEO company in the Philippines serving clients worldwide, defines remarketing as an online advertising strategy that helps improve conversions through warm leads. This works by reconnecting with warm leads or potential clients who showed interest in a particular brand, but didn’t buy anything from them at all.

Kissmetrics.com, an analytics, marketing, and testing blog, added that remarketing is a cost-effective branding option that helps improve return on investment (ROI) and conversion rates. Site owners only need to choose a platform, like Google AdWords, AdRoll, or Chango, to get started.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Remarketing works by placing cookies in the devices of your visitors, especially when they meet the criteria. This could be their location or the pages they did and didn’t visit on your site. These cookies will serve as your visitor’s ID in your remarketing list. You’ll have the power to decide how long you’ll keep the IDs, how many ads you’ll display for a targeted ID, and where to block ads.

Do You Need Remarketing?

Remarketing helps invite users who visited your site previously to go back and check your site again. It’s a good way to encourage them to buy a product or service finally from your brand. As they’re already interested in the beginning, all they need is a little push to click the buy button. This shows that you’re not giving up on potential customers, and that you’re serious about turning them into your loyal customers.

When done right, remarketing can help grab the attention of your previous visitors and convince them to finally buy. As such, you’ll have higher conversions and improve the brand recall of your business.

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Cold Water: Is It Beneficial or Not?

Jun 23

Cold Water: Is It Beneficial or Not?

Lemon waterMany experts believe warm and room temperature water has many health benefits. But before you consider switching to water heaters, cold water can provide you health benefits that you may never even had heard before.

Here are some benefits of cold water:

Cold Water Makes Your Skin Look Healthier

If you think that cold water can make your pores smaller, you’re wrong. The size of your pores depend almost entirely on your genes, and using cold water for a bath doesn’t really make a difference. However, because cold water encourages the blood to flow onto your skin, it makes your skin look healthy and glowing.

Cold Water Can Help You Burn Fat

If you think that drinking cold water would harden the fats you’ve eaten and make it more difficult to be digested, you’re wrong again! In fact, cold water may even help facilitate fat burning. Experts suggest drinking ice-cold water lowers your internal body temperature. The body will then burn a little amount of calories to heat itself up.

However, ice cold water is never a tonic for weight loss. Instead, try partnering your cold water with some exercise.

Cold Water Hydrates You Better During Exercise

There is no reason to ditch your water chillers yet, suggests cleanandclearwater.com.au. Your body temperature increases when you exercise, and drinking water keeps your organs from overheating. With cold water, you are not just hydrating yourself; you are also maintaining an ambient temperature for your body organs. There is no reason

Cold Water Drives Sleepiness Away

Ice-bucket challenges can definitely wake you up. But apart from that, dipping your hands or your feet in cold water can trigger sensors in the skin. This could then wake the brain up, making you feel more alive and alert.

However, drinking too much cold water also has its own drawbacks, such as tooth sensitivity, flu, and cough. Remember, taking everything in moderation is the key to make the most out of your cold water.

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Full of Possibilities: Living and Studying in Auckland

Jun 19

Full of Possibilities: Living and Studying in Auckland

AucklandThere is so much to love about Auckland apart from its exciting outdoor activities. New Zealand’s largest city offers plenty of quality study options and incredible career opportunities for both local and international students. Auckland has a wide range of tertiary institutions offering courses from certificate levels to doctorates. It is also home to more than 400 schools and top-ranked institutions that can cater to any student’s needs.

Incredible Opportunities

Auckland is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing cities. It is the country’s economic and financial powerhouse, offering plenty of opportunities to skilled people in many sectors. Students can work part-time during their study and get valuable experiences that can further their career. International students, meanwhile, can also apply for a post-study work visa to live in the city and gain work experiences in their field.

Best of Both Worlds

By studying and living in Auckland, students can get quality education and have an adventure of a lifetime. It is one of the few places in the world where one can go hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, and surfing within an hour of a modern city. It is also consistently ranked one of the world’s best places to live because of its cleanliness, climate and people. There are plenty of rental properties in the city, including shopping precincts, restaurants, and galleries.

Home Away from Home

The city has a rich cultural mix reflected in its meeting places, music, events and art. International students are always welcome, making Auckland a good place to call home. Schools and institutions in the city legally prioritise the well-being of international students, giving them a high level of care. It is possible for everyone be at the centre of discovery and learning and meet a diverse mix of people from different walks of life and cultures.

As a city full of possibilities, anyone can thrive and live happily in Auckland. It is a whole region full of opportunities and things to do. The people are also friendly and welcoming, making Auckland one of the best places to study and live in.

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Profit from Interests: Building your own Events Management Company

Jun 17

Profit from Interests: Building your own Events Management Company

Event managementEvents management is a good choice for business, but it’s for the select few. These people are the life of the party—they’re the one who always make sure that the drinks are flowing, the food is great, and everyone’s smiling and just having a good time.

But it’s not as easy as just putting foods and drinks upon easy reach or setting up pop-up event tents, zodiacdisplays.com explains. There’s a little something more when you decide to set up an events management company, but if it’s your passion, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to make it work.

Setting Up the Company

There are many success stories for event managers who managed to transform a struggling company into a booming business. One thing that they did right, though, was to first study the competition and the ins-and-outs of the industry.
Start-up events companies can also benefit from experience—some events planners already have prior experience before they start their own businesses.

All the Legal and Official Business

Any company needs to have at least a set of definite goals for themselves. This means you should decide if you’re going to set up a company that’s a partnership, a corporation, or one where you’re the boss. Once you’ve registered your company, it’s time to make yourself visible out there. Ads and other commercials using various media is a good way of making yourself as visible and available as possible.

Making your First Sale

The official start of your business is when you’ve nailed your first account and have made satisfactory results in doing it. The first few clients are difficult—they could need just a pop-up event tent and you happen to have one.

In summary, the key to an event management company is exposure—once you’ve managed to spread news around through word of mouth, you can be sure that the calls will start coming in.

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It’s Fun to Explore Singapore with Kids

Jun 16

It’s Fun to Explore Singapore with Kids

SingaporeWith tall skyscrapers and iconic landmarks surrounding Singapore, it is hard to imagine that it was once a small fishing village. The island-country now features world-class destinations and attractions that will delight tourists, especially kids. Vacationers travelling with their family will surely enjoy discovering the enchantments of the Lion City.

Fun in the Water

The weather in Singapore is always hot so there is an abundance of pools and relaxing areas to cool off. Kids will surely love the beaches of Sentosa Island, as they can stroll along the 3.2 km stretch of white sandy beaches. Exciting recreational activities such as wave riding, cycling, kayaking, and roller blading will also delight kids and adults. There are also plenty of public swimming pools with special water features like slides, Jacuzzi pod, and wave pool.

Exciting Activities

The island-country boasts a range of museums, offering child-friendly activities. The Art Science Museum is a top choice, as it offers unique exhibitions, creative workshops, and even family performances. There is also the Singapore Discovery Centre, which provides a collection of interactive exhibits about Singapore’s past, present, and even future. There are also exciting events to attend like Wings of Time and Buskers Festival.

Food Galore

Singapore offers the best mix of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western cultures in its food choices. Cheap eats will satisfy your and your family’s appetite on a tight budget. Asian foods for kids in the local food courts and hawker market are also available. With plenty of choices, it is easy to expose children to new tastes, flavours and textures at a young age. Let them sample some Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Malaysian food.

Safe Destination

With a squeaky-clean image, Singapore is one of safest places to visit for kids. The people in the island-country are also friendly and ready to help if you’re having trouble finding a location. You also don’t have to worry about petty thieves and walking down the street. Singapore is the world’s second safest city, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index 2015.

Singapore offers so much variety that will hold your and your family’s interest. It is also Lonely Planet’s top travel destination for 2015, and it is easy to understand why. It is easy to get around the city that is safe and fun to explore.

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Pearly White Teeth: The Americans’ Billion Dollar Dream

Jun 11

Pearly White Teeth: The Americans’ Billion Dollar Dream

white teethIn the US, there is a growing aversion against bacteria. Americans value personal hygiene and general disinfection seriously to the point of cleanliness obsession. They hate stains from their floors to their teeth.

Looking good is always a part of the American character. One dental professor said that compared to others, their aspiration to have perfectly even and white teeth is much stronger. They are willing to spend billions of dollars for dentists to perform cosmetic treatment. For teeth whitening alone, Americans spend $1.4 billion annually.

Stains: What to Blame?

Teeth discoloration can either be intrinsic or extrinsic.

Intrinsic discoloration

This happens when the dentin, or the tooth’s inner structure, becomes darker or stained with yellow tint. Some known causes are early excessive fluoride exposure, the use of any kind of antibiotics by the mother during the second trimester of pregnancy or the use of tetracycline antibiotics as early as eight years old.

Extrinsic discoloration

Unlike the former, this type of discoloration affects the enamel or the outer teeth’s layer. Some likely causes are your favorite food and poor dental habits. The most common causes of unpleasant color of the enamel are the strongly colored food and beverages available nowadays. Chromogens, the substance that gives color in such food and drinks, as well as acidity, turns the color of your enamel from white to darker shades. Highly acidic drinks soften the teeth; thus, making the pigmented molecules of chromogens easily latch itself to your teeth.

Tannins, a food compound, also boost the ability of chromogens in affecting its colors. Coffee, wine, tea, soft drinks, sauces and sweets are the most common culprit. Smoking and chewing tobacco can also drastically alter the color of your enamel.

The Good News

Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, there are now many available options that can take care of your worries. From bleaching, filling cavities, reshaping teeth to closing gaps between them, you can choose from a wide selection of procedures. Just make sure to discuss it thoroughly with your dentist.

Prevent further problems by being aware of the effective ways to take care of your teeth not just from the outside, but also from within.

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